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Materials and Questions
Are your questions similar to the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) part 1 exam?
How can I trust that the answers to the questions are correct?
What happens when an Oxford handbook (e.g. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine) contradicts the information on your website?
Are the materials we write original?
Are our images original?
Will PLABABLE be adding more questions?
What if I notice errors on the questions?
How will I know when new questions are added or updated?
Why do some mocks have less than 180 questions when I review them again on a later date?
United Kingdom Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA) or the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA)
Will we be catering for the UKMLA?
Payment Issues
My card payment has been declined. How can I register for a subscription?
Why is there a price difference between the website and the mobile app?
What is VAT and why am I being charged?
Will my subscription be auto-renewed?
How do I extend my subscription?
Will my data be preserved if I extend my subscription?
How do I reset the questions on my account to reattempt them?
Why do we charge for an account reset?
How do I reset all my flagged questions?
How can I access Plabable through my phone or my iPad?
Why am I being logged out of my account?
Why is my account being blocked?
How do I delete my account?
Where can I go for a course to prepare for PLAB part 1?
Why are our fees considered ‘inexpensive’ for our courses?
Do you provide ‘shorter’ courses?
How do I stay connected once I arrive in the UK?
I would like to purchase Plabable Gems (Guidelines & Education Made Simple). Is it a one-off purchase?
How can I purchase Gems?
I have already purchased Gems, how do I access it?
Are Plabable Gems accessible on the mobile app?
How are BIG MOCKS different from timed mocks?
Pods For Docs
I would like to purchase Plabable PodsForDocs (Plabable’s Podcast). Is it a one-off purchase?
Other Resources
Would you recommend any other resources that would be useful for the plab exam and for our journey to the UK as a whole?
What useful UK sites can I go to help me prepare for PLAB 1?
I have passed PLAB part 1, where can I go for a course for PLAB part 2?
Are there any other resources which provide the same materials as Plabable?
How do you know if the materials on other resources were copied or taken from your question bank and how do you establish that you are the original author or the first creator of the said material?
What steps have you taken or will take towards such identified companies/infringers who have copied and reproduce Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials without your authorisation and/or consent?
Why do you bother asking other companies to take down Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials?
Do you know if any other companies are also facing copyright infringement of their materials?
What about the similarities claimed between our questions and with Dr Khalid’s work?
Have we ever been accused of copyright infringement by any individual or company?
Do we make a profit?