Frequently asked questions

Are your questions similar to the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) part 1 exam?

Yes, we believe our questions are reflective of the PLAB part 1 questions.

A reliable reference source for sample questions can be found on the GMC website:

How can I trust that the answers for the questions are correct?

Our questions are reviewed by practising doctors who have sat and passed the PLAB exam. Our answers include accurate explanations which are taken from up to date UK guidelines. We aim to continuously update our answers according to the latest guidelines.

Will PLABABLE be adding more questions?

Yes, we are continuously adding questions to our question bank. Users who subscribe also have the option to create their own questions for discussion with other users.

What if I notice errors on the questions?

We aim to only provide correct and accurate information. However, if you do notice any errors, we do apologise and appreciate if you let us know. We will rectify any possible errors as soon as possible.

Will my subscription be auto renewed?

No, we do not auto renew subscriptions. This is to prevent users who may have forgotten to cancel their subscription and having to pay continuously. Hence, payment for subscription is a one time charge only.

How do I extend my subscription?

When your subscription has ended, you will be given the option to extend your subscription when you log in.

Will my data be preserved if I extend my subscription?

Your question history, answers and comments will still be available when you extend your subscription. Nothing will be deleted. You can continue from exactly where you left off.

I have passed PLAB part 1, where can I go for a course for PLAB part 2?

We have our own PLAB 2 course here in London. You can find out more here:

If you are not able to attend our PLAB 2 course due to logistics, here are some other courses recommended by our practising doctors that you may consider to attend for your PLAB Part 2 exam preparation:



Samson PLAB academy

  • 15 day course

  • Price: £550*

  • Location: SamsonPLAB Academy Ltd, Bow House Business Centre, 153-159 Bow Road, London, E3 2SE

  • Email:


Common Stations by Dr. Hamed Salehi

  • Provides a 15 day PLAB part 2 course, which is held once a month. Places need to be booked far in advance as are often fully booked

  • Includes a complete and detailed training in all the examination, SimMan and mannequin stations

  • Provides a 2 day Review Course (Mock test) which will be held before each set of the GMC PLAB part 2 exam

  • Price: £595*

  • Location: Radial House, 3rd Floor, 3-5 Ripple Road, Barking, London, IG11 7NF

  • Email:



Swamy Course

  • Provides a 12 day PLAB part 2 course

  • Includes SimMan and Mock test. Mannequins are also available for practice

  • Uses separate mannequins for practice, teaching and mock tests so that the mannequins are always available to practice

  • Price: £550*

  • Location: Building number 308, Moseley Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, United Kingdom, Post code: M19 2 LH

  • Email:



PLAB coach

  • Provides a 5 day intense training programme

  • 4 lecture days + 3 full 18 station simulated mock exams

  • Location: Radio House, Aston Road North, Birmingham, B6 4DA, United Kingdom

  • Price: £550*

  • Email:



PLAB right

  • Provides a 11 days course including mock sessions and one mock test.

  • Training and accommodation facilities are all under one roof.

  • Manikins are available 24/7 for practice at the accommodation until your exam

  • Price: £500*

  • Location: PLAB Right, Oatlands Road, Liverpool, Kirkby Merseyside L32 4UH

  • Email:

*Prices and addresses are correct as of January 2017 and may change.