Frequently Asked Questions


Are your questions similar to the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) part 1 exam?

Yes, we believe our questions are reflective of the PLAB part 1 questions. A reliable reference source for sample questions can be found on the GMC website:

How can I trust that the answers to the questions are correct?

Our questions are reviewed by practising doctors who have sat and passed the PLAB exam. Our answers include accurate explanations which are taken from up to date UK guidelines. We aim to continuously update our answers according to the latest guidelines.

What happens when an Oxford handbook (e.g. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine) contradicts the information on your website?

The answers we provide on PLABABLE are evidence-based and our explanations are based on various reliable sources such as the NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS), and current NICE guidelines. Oxford handbooks are made based on these guidelines and given that textbooks are not printed regularly, they can be out-of-date if the guidelines have recently changed. As such, the latest guidelines have always had preference over any textbook.

Are the materials we write original?

Yes, we write them based on our clinical experience and based on the questions that you ask. We derive topics, learning points and formulate them into questions and explanations to help you understand. We use current guidelines from NICE, BASHH, RCOG, SIGN, BNF and many more to ensure our materials are up to date. 

Are our images original?

Yes, our images which include ECG, dermatology and radiology images are our own taken from patients with their consent. Of course, we ensure that we remove any identifiable patient information. We do not use images protected by the copyright of others of which we are not entitled to use. We also have our own medical artist who creates illustrations and images to further help your understanding of certain topics.

Will PLABABLE be adding more questions?

Yes, we are continuously adding questions to our question bank. Users who subscribe also have the option to create and submit their own questions for discussion with other users.

What if I notice errors on the questions?

We aim to only provide correct and accurate information. However, if you do notice any errors, we do apologise and appreciate if you let us know. We will rectify any possible errors as soon as possible.

How will I know when new questions are added or updated? 

We frequently add new questions and update existing ones to reflect the most up to date guidelines and practice. As long as you have an active subscription with us, your questions will automatically update to reflect the latest changes we make.

Why do some mocks have less than 180 questions when I review them again on a later date?
Questions are checked regularly to ensure reliability. Questions which are found to have suboptimal stems or explanations are automatically updated or made obsolete. Very occasionally current guidance may have changed since the practice mock has been set, or a new question may not have performed as expected. In these circumstances, questions are removed.



My card payment has been declined. How can I register for a subscription?
We accept all debit and credit cards, as well as Apple and Google pay. If your card payment has been declined, please contact your bank at first instance to find out the reason for the decline or use an alternative payment method as above. Unfortunately, we do not accept payments by any other method. 


Will my subscription be auto-renewed?

No, we do not auto-renew subscriptions. This is to prevent users who may have forgotten to cancel their subscription and having to pay continuously. Hence, payment for subscription is a one time charge only.

How do I extend my subscription?

When your subscription has ended, you will be given the option to extend your subscription when you log in. You can extend your subscription at any time by logging into your account on the website or mobile browser.

Will my data be preserved if I extend my subscription?

Yes, your question history, answers and comments will still be available when you extend your subscription. Nothing will be deleted. You can continue from exactly where you left off.

How do I reset the questions on my account to reattempt them?

If you wish to reset your questions, you can do so only by paying for an extension. Please note that your question and answer history will be deleted once you reset your account and this is not reversible. Once reset, all questions on your account will be unanswered for you to reattempt them. Unfortunately, we do not provide an option to reset your account without an extension however you may wish to attempt our MOCK tests as they have similar questions found in the “Practice by Category” section.

Why do we charge for an account reset?

Our mission has always been to create an affordable platform for all to use, however, there have been cases where users have taken advantage of this by sharing their accounts. We try to limit this by allowing users to only answer the questions once. In fact, our mocks are built upon the same questions in the practice by category section so essentially, users are given two attempts on all questions within one subscription. We do not expect candidates to be answering the same question for the third time, but for those who do, we have given them the option to reset for a fee although we strongly discourage this as we feel that you should utilise other PLAB resources once you have answered the same question twice (ie. once in our “practice by categories” section and once more on our “timed mocks”).


How can I access Plabable through my phone or my iPad?
To access our question bank on the go, you would need to download our mobile app. This has added security features which are currently not available on mobile or iPad browsers. The security feature prevents stealing and unlawful distribution of our material on social media. We believe in protecting our materials and offering a fair service to our paid users such as yourselves.


Why am I being logged out of my account?
Systems are in place to detect multiple logins from different devices. You can only access the question bank from one device at a time to prevent account sharing. Accounts are personal to the subscriber. Passwords and other login details must not be passed to others. 


Why is my account being blocked?
Your account will be blocked if you have attempted to take print screens of our material. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, print screens of the website or mobile app content are strictly not allowed. Systems are in place to detect unauthorised print screens which would result in account blockage for a period of 5 minutes without access to the question bank. Repeated unauthorised print screens will result in a permanent account block.


Where can I go for a course to prepare for PLAB part 1?
We have our own PLAB 1 course which is online. Our course is currently the fastest growing PLAB 1 course in the UK. You can find out more here:

Why are our fees considered ‘inexpensive’ for our courses?

We believe our fees are appropriate to the amount of time our team takes to create materials and plan the best way to present these effectively on our courses and webinars. It is the most affordable course costing only £130 for FOUR days (that’s only £32.50 per full day!) with teachers consisting of registrars and a consultant GP. All our teachers have at least 5 years of experience in the NHS, completed their post graduate qualifications and are still working in the NHS.

Do you provide ‘shorter’ courses?

Yes, we offer a range of webinars which are usually about 2 hours. More details can be found here:

How do I stay connected once I arrive in the UK?
Coming to the UK for our courses or the PLAB exam? Stay connected by pre-ordering your FREE SIM card and get FREE £5 credit! To qualify for this offer, order your sim here


I would like to purchase Plabable Gems (Guidelines & Education Made Simple). Is it a one-off purchase?

Yes, it is a one-off purchase but you would need a valid active subscription for the question bank to access Gems.

How can I purchase Gems?

If you do not have an account with Plabable yet, you need to register for an account and you can add on Gems before you make your purchase here:

If you have an account with Plabable already, you can log in to your account on the website and purchase Gems on your subscriptions page. Please note you will need to have an active Plabable subscription in order to access Gems.

I have already purchased Gems, how do I access it?

Once you have purchased Gems, you can access it via your account on the website under the Questions tabs:

Are Plabable Gems accessible on the mobile app?

Yes, we have just launched Gems on our iOS and Android apps. Do try them out today!


I would like to purchase Plabable PodsForDocs (Plabable’s Podcast). Is it a one-off purchase?

Yes, it is a one off-purchase for lifetime access. You do NOT need an active subscription to access Plabable PodsForDocs. You will have access to new updates and new podcasts in future with no extra charge. You can get your copy for PodsForDocs here:


Are there any other resources which provide the same materials as Plabable?

It has come to our attention that there are commercial companies/infringers who have copied and reproduced our questions, explanations, mnemonics, drawings and work (collectively known as “Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials”), in whole or in part, without our authorisation and/or consent. We have also been made aware that these companies/infringers are commercially exploiting Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials illegally claiming such infringing materials as their original work. 

How do you know if the materials on other resources were copied or taken from your question bank and how do you establish that you are the original author or the first creator of the said material?

We monitor these identified companies/infringers on a regular basis and compare their suspected infringing materials and ours both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective to establish the act of copying or substantial copying. We have issued several cease and desist letters to these identified companies/infringers in an attempt to stop these infringing acts. All Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials are systematically documented to reflect the relevant date and timestamp of creation and properly preserved as evidence of the date of creation. 

What steps have you taken or will take towards such identified companies/infringers who have copied and reproduce Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials without your authorisation and/or consent?

Copyright theft or copyright infringement is wrong and unethical. We support and welcome healthy competitions but we do not tolerate the act of copying or profiting from the work of others illegally. Where we have been made aware of potential copyright infringement, as part of our efforts to protect our copyright work and the interest of our paid subscribers, we have sought legal advice and taken appropriate legal actions and measures accordingly. 


Why do you bother asking other companies to take down Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials?

We work hard to create original contents to help on the PLAB community, but more importantly, we regularly review, revise and improve our questions, explanations and medical drawings so that our paid subscribers are engaged with the most up-to-date materials in helping them to pass the exam. As such, we are concerned that materials copied and reproduced by these identified companies/infringers may be outdated and may not be able to give the best benefit to their subscribers.

Do you know if any other companies are also facing copyright infringement of their materials? 

Yes, we run our business ethically and we respect our competitors’ IP and as an industry, we look out for each other. When we come across instances where we identified materials from other companies being copied and reproduced on other platforms, we will alert/notify them so that they can take appropriate actions at their end. Vice versa, these companies also do reciprocate by notifying us if they find any of Plabable’s Copyrighted Materials being reproduced on other platforms. The few reputable companies that we have worked together in an effort to curb piracy of our copyrighted materials are companies such as Passmedicine, DermNet NZ and Radiopaedia.

What about the similarities claimed between our questions and with Dr Khalid’s work?

We respect Dr Khalid’s work very much and we want to reassure you that none of our material is based on his work. We believe he is a true inspiration to many of us including many members of our team. The topics that we write have similarities because it is based on similar topics that our users have asked us to write about but they are in no way related or the same to the explanations which Dr Khalid has written himself. We are in good terms with Dr Khalid and we can reassure you that he has not, at any point, asked for any of our material to be removed because of copyright infringement.

Have we ever been accused of copyright infringement by any individual or company?

No, we have never been accused of any copyright infringement by any individual or company although we have sent several cease and desist letters to companies and individuals who have infringed on our intellectual property and copyrighted material.

Do we make a profit?

Yes, we do make a profit but we heavily invest these back into creating a platform that contributes back to the PLAB community. Our team of 30 people work hard on developing a functional platform for you. Most of our profits go back into IT development to improve our website and mobile app and create more innovative functions and features. We heavily invest in clinical materials which take a considerable amount of time to write, review and proofread.


Would you recommend any other resources that would be useful for the plab exam and for our journey to the UK as a whole?

Yes, we believe many have helped the PLAB community in different ways. We have no affiliation with any of them but we would be happy to recommend Dr. Naseer Khan's blog titled “Naseer’s Journey” which guides medical students and international doctors who wish to work in the UK.

What useful UK sites can I go to help me prepare for PLAB 1?

  • Helpful guidelines and clinical knowledge summaries

  • Helpful to look search for side effects, interactions and contraindications of medications

  • Helpful for understanding ethical issues

  • Helpful guidelines for an array of diseases

  • Helpful guidelines for basic and advanced life support

  • Helpful guidelines for dermatology

  • Helpful guidelines on contraceptive use and sexual health

  • Helpful guidelines for obstetrics and gynaecology

  • Helpful guidelines for gastroenterology and hepatology

  • Helpful guidelines for genito-urinary medicine guidelines including HIV

  • Helpful guidelines on Rheumatology

  • Information on cancer screenings

  • Information on contraception and abortion

  • Helpful guidance on HIV

  • Helpful guidance on medical conditions and driving

  • Helpful guidelines for urology


I have passed PLAB part 1, where can I go for a course for PLAB part 2?

We are in partnership with Plabable Aspire who runs PLAB 2 courses. You can find out more here: If you are not able to attend our PLAB 2 course, here are some other courses recommended by our practising doctors that you may consider attending for your PLAB Part 2 exam preparation:


Samson PLAB academy

  • 15 days “Samson classical” course with 4 full mock tests (18 stations) plus a PLAB 2 book

  • Price: £600*

  • Provides £100 discount from the course fee if you come in a group of 5 doctors

  • PLAB 2 weekend course (7 weekends) - Price £600*

  • Location: SamsonPLAB Academy Ltd, Bow House Business Centre, 153-159 Bow Road, London, E3 2SE

  • Email:

Common Stations by Dr Hamed Salehi

  • Provides a 15-day PLAB part 2 course, which is held once a month. Places need to be booked far in advance as are often fully booked

  • Includes a complete and detailed training in all the examination, SimMan and mannequin stations

  • Provides a 2-day Review Course which will be held before each set of the GMC PLAB part 2 exam

  • The course includes two sets of full mock exams (18 stations)

  • Price: £595*

  • Location: Radial House, 3rd Floor, 3-5 Ripple Road, Barking, London, IG11 7NF

  • Email:


Swamy Course

  • 12 days PLAB 2 course with 4 mock tests

  • Mannequins are also available for practice

  • Uses separate mannequins for practice, teaching and mock tests so that the mannequins are always available to practice

  • Price: £600*

  • Provides £100 discount from the course fee if you come in a group of 5 doctors

  • PLAB 2 classes can also be taken live online within or outside the UK

  • Location: Building number 308, Moseley Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, United Kingdom, M19 2 LH

  • Email:


PLAB coach

  • Provides a 5-day intense training programme

  • 4 lecture days + 2 full 18 stations simulated mock exams

  • Price: £350*

  • New venue for PLAB training London: Holiday Inn Camden Lock, Central London, 30 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7BY

  • Location: Radio House, Aston Road North, Birmingham, B6 4DA, United Kingdom

  • Email:


PLAB right

  • Provides 11 days PLAB2 course with a course manual

  • Training and accommodation facilities are all under one roof

  • Manikins are available 24/7 for practice at the accommodation until your exam

  • Price: £600*

  • Location: PLAB Right, Oatlands Road, Liverpool, Kirkby Merseyside L32 4UH

  • Email:

*Prices and addresses are correct as of June 2018 and may change.