The Updates On Contraception Especially Under 20 Years Old

We know many candidates find contraception and UKMEC very complicated. What more if the patient is under 20 years of age?

We have come up with two new questions to test your knowledge. Search "contraception below 20 years old" on your search bar under "Practice By Categories" to test your knowledge of them.

We have also updated our Gynaecology Gems to ensure contraception and UKMEC is made easy for you to remember.

Do Not Get Startled On The Exam Day!

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Still struggling with hypertension? Check out our 9-minute video on hypertension on youtube.

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Having trouble understanding MODY and LADA? Have a look at our YouTube video for a better understanding.

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The much-awaited podcast, PodsForDocs: Urology Part 2 is now available!

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Introduction to UK Practice Gem UPDATE

Hi everyone, we have just updated our 'Introduction to UK Practice' Gem to include advice on clinical attachments and applying for jobs! We hope you find this Gem useful for your journey to the UK. If there is any information you would like us to add on to this Gem, please email us at

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Introduction To UK Practice

Check out our newest Gem, Introduction to UK Practice which is designed to introduce and address the language and clinical terms commonly used by healthcare professionals in the UK.

We know that international doctors play a crucial role in the successful running of the NHS. At Plabable, we aim to address those commonly asked questions and prepare you as much as possible before you arrive to work in the UK.

We hope you will find the information in this Gem useful.

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Detailed Search Feature You Want to Know About

Hi Plabbers! 
The year is coming to an end. There is no denying it has been a challenging one. At Plabable, we strive to make at least revision easy and enjoyable. We have created a video to show you how our search function can easily be used to access our vast database of questions. Check out this short video to find out.

From all of us at Plabable, happy revising!

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Revision Guides - Like a Textbook

Did you know you could use our Revision Guides as a textbook? You can even use the search function to type categories like "Haematology". Have a look at this link.

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Hi all, for those who struggle with understanding Cushing's syndrome and adrenal insufficiency, have a look at Dr Asim's video on our YouTube Channel. It is a great way to learn. Leave your comments too!

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Information on PLABABLE GEMS

Hi all, this video was made by popular demand for those trying to figure out how to purchase Gems. Happy studying!

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Medheads by Plabable

Hi everyone, we have formed a team called Medheads who are fantastic doctors who have given their time to do some teaching to benefit all of you! We'll be launching one teaching video a week on our Instagram account. Do follow us and let us know what you think! 

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Plabable Gems

Check out our recently launched Gems which contain high yield revision notes in a concise and organised manner according to clinical topics to help you maximise learning.

Our Gems are packed with clinical drawings, images and mnemonics to make studying more enjoyable and includes challenging brain trainers to consolidate your knowledge on the topic. Get yours today!

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PodsForDocs: Headaches, Haemorrhages & Meningitis

What do extradural haematomas and lemons have in common? Find out in our newest PodsForDocs episode!

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PodsForDocs: A GP's Perspective

We are so excited to launch our second podcast for you! 

Together with Dr Nazmul and Dr Vanessa who are GPs in the NHS, we discuss and share their experience and recommendations on high demand PLAB topics including hypertension, eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, ethical scenarios and common cases involving the ear, nose and throat.

For those who have purchased our first podcast on Acute Medicine, this new episode will be automatically included for you (yay!)

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We wanted to answer some of your questions. We strive for transparency and want to give you an idea of what we are doing and planning to do in future. We also want to give you a bit of background of who we are as a company.

Are the materials we write original?

Yes, we write them based on our clinical experience and based on the questions that you ask. We derive topics, learning points and formulate them into questions and explanations to help you understand. We use current guidelines from NICE, BASHH, RCOG, SIGN, BNF and many more to ensure our materials are up to date. 

Are our images original?

Yes, our images which include ECG, dermatology and radiology images are our own taken from patients with their consent. Of course, we ensure that we remove any identifiable patient information. We do not use images protected by the copyright of others of which we are not entitled to use. We also have our own medical artist who creates illustrations and images to further help your understanding of certain topics.

What about the similarities claimed between our questions and with Dr Khalid’s work?

We respect Dr Khalid’s work very much and we want to reassure you that none of our material is based on his work. We believe he is a true inspiration to many of us including many members of our team. The topics that we write have similarities because it is based on similar topics that our users have asked us to write about but they are in no way related or the same to the explanations which Dr Khalid has written himself. We are in good terms with Dr Khalid and we can reassure you that he has not, at any point, asked for any of our material to be removed because of copyright infringement.

Have we ever been accused of copyright infringement by any individual or company?

No, we have never been accused of any copyright infringement by any individual or company although we have sent several cease and desist letters to companies and individuals who have infringed on our intellectual property and copyrighted material.

Why do we charge for an account reset?

Our mission has always been to create an affordable platform for all to use, however, there have been cases where users have taken advantage of this by sharing their accounts. We try to limit this by allowing users to only answer the questions once. In fact, our mocks are built upon the same questions in the practice by category section so essentially, users are given two attempts on all questions within one subscription. We do not expect candidates to be answering the same question for the third time, but for those who do, we have given them the option to reset for a fee although we strongly discourage this as we feel that you should utilise other PLAB resources once you have answered the same question twice (ie. once in our “practice by categories” section and once more on our “timed mocks”)

Why are our fees ‘expensive’ for the courses and webinars?

We believe our fees are appropriate to the amount of time our team takes to create materials and plan the best way to present these effectively on our courses and webinars. We are taking steps to create a more valuable course by extending the revision course to four days with more clinical content and topics whilst maintaining the same price at £130. This course will take place from August 2020 of which registrations have not opened up as of yet. We still understand that this may not be affordable for most candidates and we are working on a solution to provide podcasts at an even more affordable level for all candidates. Our first podcast costs only £3 of which we plan to create more depending on the demand for the podcasts. 

Do we make a profit?

Yes, we do make a profit but we heavily invest these back into creating a platform that contributes back to the PLAB community. Our team of 30 people work hard on developing a functional platform for you. Most of our profits go back into IT development to improve our website and mobile app and create more innovative functions and features. We heavily invest in clinical materials which take a considerable amount of time to write, review and proofread.

Telegram Study Group

We are starting a support group for all doctors who are sitting for their PLAB 1 exams soon. It is very difficult to keep motivated with the lockdown as meeting up to study is nearly impossible. While Whatsapp groups are great, there is a limit of 256 people that can join in a group. However, with telegram, many more doctors can join. We hope that we can encourage each other by creating the largest support group for doctors sitting for their PLAB 1 exam.

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Join us on our first podcast with Hannah Barrett who is an Acute Medical Registrar in the NHS to discuss key topics on acute medicine and tackle tricky questions to help you ace the PLAB part 1 exam.

This is one of the many podcasts we are developing to provide you with a new way of learning! Lifetime access to this podcast is only £3 and any future updates to this podcast will be available to you without further cost.

Please send us any feedback you may have as this will help us improve our future podcasts for you. Enjoy!

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Stop Copyright Infringers!

We need your support. If you think we are doing a good job, please do comment here on this post so that people are aware of companies like Medrevisions who are blatantly stealing our questions!

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COVID-19 Update

In these unprecedented times, we wanted to reach out to let you know what we are doing to make sure you still can prepare for your exams.

We are working tirelessly in the United Kingdom’s response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. We know the challenges many of you would face with physical courses and the uncertainty if the exams will be cancelled.

First and foremost, we thrive to maintain a full service as all our team members continue to work from home during these uncertain times. Our aim is to provide a normal service. We are fortunate to be an online service. Our platform is catered for webinars, online courses and materials that can be done in your own homes. We will inform you of any news from the GMC on the status of the PLAB 1 exams.

We have been building new platforms with new ideas to ensure your revision stays on track. We will continue as always to upload new questions with explanations that have been meticulously looked at by our team.

We hope it will not be long until we are back to living our lives to the fullest. Stay safe.

Mobile App Update

To all our mobile app users, be sure to download the LATEST version of our app to make full use of our resources. 
Best of luck for the exam !! 

Brexit - Information for doctors

The UK is due to leave the European Union at 11 pm on Friday 31st January 2020 and enter into a transition period. GMC has published some information about what this means for doctors. Please follow the link to see the full article by the GMC.

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Stay Connected in the UK

Coming to the UK for our courses or the PLAB exam?

Stay connected by pre-ordering your FREE SIM card and get FREE £5 credit!

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Medical Licensing Assessment

In future, international medical graduates from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) would be required to sit for the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) instead of the PLAB test.

If you need to take MLA, there will be a two-part assessment. The first part is an applied knowledge test. The second part is an assessment of clinical skills.

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GMC strengthens tests for overseas doctor

Improvements are being made to PLAB. In the future, doctors will be required to undergo a broader knowledge test and a more thorough practical assessment, which reflect real life consultations in the UK health system.

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