GMC strengthens tests for overseas doctor

Improvements are being made to PLAB. In the future, doctors will be required to undergo a broader knowledge test and a more thorough practical assessment, which reflect real life consultations in the UK health system.

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GMC council approves development of UK medical licensing assessment

GMC is developing a new form of assessment which will replace PLAB. This is likely to be in the year 2019. It has been given a working title of the United Kingdom Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA). So if you are still planning to work in the UK, may we suggest coming to sit for PLAB before 2019 after which the entire structure of the exam may change.

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The PLAB test changes

From September 2016 there will be changes to the PLAB test.


The format of PLAB part 1 will remain the same. But there will be additional questions which will assess your understanding of ethics as well as your clinical knowledge.


What are the changes to Part 1?

From September 2016 GMC will include a selection of questions related to professionalism and ethics in each exam. The test will still remain as it is which is a three hour, computer-marked written examination made up of 200 single best answer (SBA) questions.


Example question from Part 1 (from September 2016):


A 14 year old girl comes requesting the oral contraceptive pill (OCP). She says she is sexually active. Her boyfriend is in the year above her at school. What is the SINGLE most appropriate action?


A) Advise her about safe sex and prescribe OCP

B) Contact her parents

C) Contact the local safeguarding officer

D) Contact the police

E) Explain it is illegal to prescribe the pill for her


Answer: A) Advise her about safe sex and prescribe OCP.


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