What is Gems?

Plabable Gems contain high yield revision notes in a concise and organised manner according to clinical topics to help you maximise learning. Our gems are packed with clinical drawings, images and mnemonics to make studying more enjoyable as well as challenging brain trainers to consolidate your knowledge on the topic. 

Can I see a preview of Gems?

How many clinical categories do Gems cover?

Gems cover all 31 clinical categories! Use them alongside our Practise by Categories section to ensure your revision is complete.

I would like to purchase Plabable Gems. Is it a one-off purchase?

Yes, it is a one-off purchase but you would need a valid active subscription for the question bank to access Gems.

How can I purchase Gems?

You can watch our video tutorial here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEUNj8TBGcm/?igshid=19htu9d2w0igr

If you
do not have an account with Plabable yet, you need to register for an account and you can add on Gems before you make your purchase here: https://plabable.com/Account/register

If you have an account with Plabable, you can log in to your account on the website here https://plabable.com/subscriptions, head to the Account tab and purchase Gems on your subscriptions page. 

Please note you will need to have an active Plabable subscription in order to access Gems.

I have already purchased Gems, how do I access it?

Once you have purchased Gems, you can access it via your account on the website under the Questions tab:

Are Plabable Gems accessible on the mobile app?

Yes, we have just launched Gems on our iOS and Android apps.  Do try them out today!