(4-days + BIG MOCK exam 2021)


*Now includes our exam cancellation promise*

If your exam is cancelled before the course, we will offer you a free transfer to the next 4-day revision course.


Join our new and improved 4-day online revision course with Doctor Adam Jakes & Doctor Wei Zian Szetho 'Sze'!

At PLABABLE we believe revising together with experts who know how the PLAB exam works is the best way to prepare for PLAB 1. We know there are lots of bad recalls, wrong keys and poorly written explanations out there - and we're here to help you avoid them all and approach the exam with confidence!


What's included:

  • Expert teachers who developed and wrote the PLABABLE question bank
  • High yield topics - frequently asked in the PLAB exam
  • Highly debated questions - answered once and for all!
  • Interactive and detailed lectures - based on the most recent UK guidelines!
  • How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group including course tutors
  • Lecture slides available after the course for ongoing revision
  • A new BIG MOCK exam made up of NEW questions, not within the question bank

October Course
  • 30th January 2021 (10:00am to 5.30pm UK time)
  • 31st January 2021 (10:00am to 5.30pm UK time)
  • 1st February 2021 (10:00am to 5:30pm UK time)
  • 2nd February 2021 (10:00am to 5:30pm UK time)


  • Stream the course live on your computer or tablet at home!
  • There is no option to attend in person


Cost:  £130 per person (includes dedicated Whatsapp group and revision slides/BIG MOCK post-course)


Course content: This fast-paced, intensive course covers essential topics for the PLAB part 1 exam through interactive, informative and fun lectures. We use high yield questions, answers and explanations which are reviewed regularly to ensure they are consistent with the most up-to-date guidelines. We also share vital PLAB 1 tips and hints on how to pass the exam. Tutors are also available throughout the course for individual questions and exam troubleshooting. We are also happy to help you develop an individual revision plan.


We invite all candidates to join our dedicated WhatsApp group for ongoing discussion which is active all the way up until the exam. Previous candidates have really enjoyed the group chats and post-course support.


Join us on this 4-day intensive revision course through our dedicated live stream where you will be able to listen, watch and ask questions. You can do this from anywhere around the world! We use ZOOM which is not restricted in any country. Please note you will need to ensure you have suitable bandwidth to participate in the revision course and discussion. Once registered, you will be sent a link giving instructions on how to log in on the first day of the course using your email address to watch our live stream.


The BIG MOCK exam contains questions that are different from the PLABABLE question bank. Participants now have the opportunity to attempt new questions to ensure they are challenged and can put the knowledge they have learnt on the course into action!







Emergency Medicine

Cardiology + ECG interpretation

Break (11:30-11:45)



Lunch break (13:00-13:30)

Palliative Care & Oncology

Break (15:30-15:45)


Infectious Diseases
Vascular Surgery

Respiratory + ABG interpretation


Break (11:30-11:45)

Lunch break (13:00-13:30)

Ethics & Law

Break (15:30-15:45)


Obstetrics & Gynaecology

General Surgery
Break (11:30-11:45)
Lunch break (13:00-13:30)
Critical care
Break (15:30-15:45)
Genetics Part 2
Ophthalmology Part 2

Access to lecture slides will be given on the evening of the third day

(You are encouraged to
take this between 10:00am-1:00pm UK time)


Mock discussion starts at 13:30

Additional topics

(e.g. Requested by participants, Guideline updates, etc)

Exam tips & hints

Exam predictions

Questions & Answers

This timetable may change depending on the availability of tutors. If you are unable to attend Day 4, we can send you the BIG MOCK paper and answers on Day 3. You can join the discussion via our dedicated Whatsapp group. Please contact us to arrange this option.


For all queries and further information, email us at Please note this course is very popular and spaces are limited to ensure everyone has a chance to ask questions and discuss their revision needs.

Register below:

30th, 31st Jan & 1st, 2nd Feb 2021